Passion for Flight & Technology

I have always had a passion for flight. What was at first a hobby, quickly turned into an evolving mission to find and create mesmerizing aerial art. I continued to expand my portfolio and now create & partner with many organizations, sizing from local companies here on the coast to Fortune 500 companies. I enjoy the excitement people have from the unseen perspectives that aerial photography provides. This led me to create the Drone Pals concept in 2015; A platform where content creators could network and grow while inspiring other individuals with their aerial media. Drones & robotics can do more than capture works of art. They can also collect & provide organizations meaningful data that can allow their operations to be more efficient, or even keep people out of harms way. I took a career with DJI (leading drone technology company) to spend time developing the commercial adoption of drone technology in North America. Currently, I am with Boston Dynamics pursuing the same goal with the world's most advanced ground robotics. I reside here on the coast in Half Moon Bay, California and if I'm not creating, you might find me in the water surfing, or with my friends & family.

Please reach out if you have an interesting opportunity you would like to discuss, if you have special requests about my art, or if you would just like to get to know each other more.

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Boston Dynamics & Robotics

Boston Dynamics has been around for over 30 years developing the most advanced mobile ground robotics technology on the planet. This robotics technology can help organizations collect data more regularly, with more accuracy, and with safer operations. Why risk sending a person into a dangerous situation when you can send a robot?

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